Sunday, December 27, 2009

Fairy Tale: One Minute Writer

Today's Writing Prompt: Fairy tale

Fairy tales have many common character-types: princes, princesses, witches, fairies, ogres, giants, etc. What character would you like to be?

Adrianna the princess and her prince will come back someday.

Her auburn hair and hazel eyes accent her young innocences. Where was her prince charming? Would he ever come again? He was the light that shown in her heart, the end of the love story. He was the inspiration she needed to keep going, to write, to sing, to perform. Just simply knowing he was in the

word war 1

Addy stood at the edge of the fenced yard wondering what brought her back to this place. Why had she accepted the invitation. She hadn't spoken with Thom since that last phone call over 3 months ago.  This was not the Spring Break she envisioned. The manacured lawn and the white picket fence of his mom's place was the picture of perfection. THe spring flowers bl;oomed in their fresh pastel colors, tulips, daffoldils and (another early spring flower) whispered peaceful thoughts as Addy carefully stepped forward to the farm house porch. Everything about this house and the yard reaked with perfection. How could she even compete with this life. The sweet smells of berry pie crept across the lawn. One step at a time. The porch stairs seems to hold her back, how could she think that she was good enough for this family. Thom proclaimed his love for her, but what did she think? Did she love him , could she adapt to that life?

"Come in my dear." Mrs. (ASDFSAFE) greeted Addy at the front door with her crisp pressed linen apron over her perfect navy blue floral dress. Even her dark chesnut hair was perfectly placed, not a strand out of place. Addy froze in her tracks, not knowing what to do.

" Adrianna, welcome." Mr. (ASFDSE) extended his hand to bring her in. This was almost too much for Addy to take, the overwhelming sense came over her to simply turn and run, this was all just a huge mistake, a nightmare she was going to wake up from. Addy took that first step across the threshold of the door and caught her balance. Catching her breath at the sheer elegance of the home, Addy knew there was no way she would ever fit into their perfect little world. All this was too much.

"Addy, mmmmm" Thom made his way arond his parents' crowding arms wrapping his own arms around her. "I've missed you, so much. It is good to hold you again," he whispered in her auburn hair as he hugged her closer and closer, protecting her from the questions and assumptions of his parents.

"Thank you for saving me back there." Addy softly whispered back, not knowing for sure how to respond to all this pomp and circumstance. " I hope I'm not under dressed for the occasion, I feel totally out of place."  She stiffened up pulling away from his grasp.

"Dinner will be ready in about 30 minutes.."
"Thanks Mom, we are going to sit on the porch and talk until dinner.

Wedding Plans..

"Miss Adrianna Marie Cameron and Mr. James Douglas Stevenson cordial request your presence on Sunday July ___, 2008 at ______________ as they are joined in the bonds of holy matrimony." that reads so perfectly Addy thought to herself as she put the finishing touches on the invitation order.  "I'd like the ivory linen with navy blue print raised Old English Script and the double line scroll border along the edge. For the return cards, lets stay with the same paper and font but remove the egding..." She continued her doodling as she relayed the information to the customer service person on the other end of the phone. Her bluetooth headset seemed to have grown to her head this past week with all the phone calls and meetings not to mention the 4 conference calls and 2 online meetings she had managed to hold.

knock, knock... "Can I come in?" Jim stood at the door on her office with a single peach rose in his hand.
she waved him in with a smile.  he moved slowly around the back of her chair to place the rose on her desk and softly kiss her check.  Addy jotted on her note pad, ' Thank you' with little hearts. It was corny and so not like her, but she was hopelessly in love and enjoying the insanity of the wedding plans.
"Thank you, oh and can you send over the copy sample before it goes to print? by, Friday? Do you need my card now, ok perfect, I'll send the card information with the messenger/ courier Friday."
"Sorry about that, where were we..." She turned and stepped up out of the office chair, Jim helping her into a warm gentle embrace.
"Do you have time for lunch?"
"Sure, what do you have in mind?"
"I  was thinking of that little deli down on 37th, they have a cateering company and thought we could give them a try?"
"I thought we were using Jensen Bells?" Addy was trying to collect her thoughts.
"We hadn't**** finalized the details yet, and I just thought we could try this one to be sure... our receptionist says she has used them a couple of times and has never had any trouble, she also mentioned they are really good with the low sugar recipes.."
"Ok, give me a couple minutes and I will meet you down stairs." Addy had to reply to the 2 messages flashing on her screen before she could continue with wedding plans. Balancing her daily office tasks and the planning on what was becoming more of the social event than a traditional wedding was taking its toll on her.

****Note to self*****: change Addy's "new job" to something in marketing....  but leave the theater stuff in the job description.

Internet: One Minute Writer.

One Minute Writer wants to know if the internet was popular when you were a kid how would you have used it... So I'm asking Addy today... Now that I think about it , her answer will probably be similar to my own personal response.

Addy starred blankly at the screen across the walnut desk, the clear crisp flat panel monitor made the daily grind of emailing and networking easier on the eyes. What did we do before the internet connected the world in seconds? she thought to herself as she typed a reply to an author query.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

A Surprise Engagement

The sun rose as it did every morning yet this morning the light seemed different, softer, warmer. Addy stretched her arms out from under the down comforter, 'wait a minute she didn't have a down comformter on her bed?' cautiously she pulled her arms back in and turned her head slowly to the side. 'oh good grief , what have I done?' she thought as she caught a profile of him next to her. "This is bad, very very bad."
 He smiled and stretched his arms wrapping around her... "mmm, good morning beautful" how cliche' can you be, good grief.
"morning," she wanted to run, and run fast. Then it hit her, the memory of yesterday came crashing back. The proposal, the dinner party, all of it... 'oh boy' she thought to herself, this is a lot to take in.. The satin edge of her nightgown wrapped around her toes as she curled them trying to figure out her next move.

"About last night, it is all still a fog" she wasn't sure she had all the details straight. The obvious detail sat glittering in the sun on her finger, the platnium and diamond engagement ring was more than beautiful, it was everything a girl could dream of.

"Don't worry about it, the details aren't important, we were surrounded by friends and everything was perfect. You didn't embarass anyone and you didn't do anything to be ashamed of. " He was confident and reassuring in his words. That didn't help as much as she would have liked.

Lifting the comforter out of the way, Adrianna stepped off the edge of the bed glancing around the room to get her bearings. 

"You don't have to rush into the office today, I already rescheduled our day, the meetings we had with the art staff has been rescheduled for 3:30.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

One Minute Writer Tuesday: Travel

What is the furthest you traveled from home as a child? Describe the experience.
So with the One Minute Writer word, "Travel" and the above questions, here is Addy's response.

Addy starred at the bookshelf in her office. Photos for various show openings and vacation albums filled the shelves mixed in with technical books and various binders filled with old scripts, journals, and such. Needing a break from the days reviews Addy decided to journing down memory lane for a time.  Back to 1983, her family had decided to take a summer road trip.  From there small town home to Southern California, two kids, a dog and her parents in a 1974 Datsun King Cab pickup towing a similar aged fifth wheel trailer. Addy and her younger sister sat in the back seat while the dog was in the back of the truck.  As far as Addy could remember it was one of the hottest summers, and no matter how often they stopped at a rest stop the trip seemed to take forever.  From Northern Oregon to sunny Southern California shouldn't take more than 4 days, of course when you add stops every 2-3 hours for potty breaks , stretching and feeding 2 cranky little girls a 4 day trip soon takes 5 or 6 days. This trip was really no exception. Addy thought to herself, remembering all the tourist stops they had made on the trip; Crater Lake National Forest in all its natural beauty,  Shasta and the ghost towns of the Gold Rush Era,  Pea Soup Andersen's with the huge windmill or at least it seemed that way to an 8 year old little girl,  interstate Rest Stops too many to count, but most had grass to play in , except one she could remember clearly  seems to be so dry and desolate that she couldn't imagine why they stopped other than both girls needed to take a potty break.  What a trip, it was not just a road trip but a family visit to her cousins and an adventure, Sea World Water Park was still pretty new.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Shadow of its former Glory

The moon light cast a rich eerie glow through the broken windows on the second floor, the gray clouds seemed to move freely through the windows and classrooms of the conservatory. Adrianna starred vacantly toward the building. Ghostly images running through her mind as the memories flooded back. 6 years of her career had been spent in these halls, as a simple matter of fact her theatrical career actually began in these halls. She began as a Photographic art student with an assignment to shoot the cast and crew of a production in the theater. Lighting and lighting tricks a specialty in her work, actually her signature style, creating mood lighting and image games she liked to think of it. Addy didn't know the whole story, but when she arrived on set to do the shoot, the director approached her about theatrical lighting seemed that the lighting person has jumped shipped with only 3 days until the opening. She had friends in the production and figured it couldn't hurt. Following a very crash course in running a electronic light board Adrianna began her theatrical career. Strange to look back and think it all started by chance. Although she had been in music and dance prior, but theater was another story.
The basement corner window seemed to call to her, the old darkroom. Even after she moved to a theater program Addy still took photography courses and used the darkroom, a safe artist haven. If those walls could talk the stories they could tell, the things that darkroom had seen would surprise people. The crumbling walls of the building seemed to cry out in pain, a sad sight to watch. Addy wasn't even sure what brought her here.
'I should go,' she thought to herself turning to walk back to her car (what kind of car?), a dark feeling grabbed at her holding her in her tracks.

unemployment and some other random thoughts.

Unemployment wasn't what Addy that it was going to be... It was the pits. Yes she had time on her hands that she should be using to write, create, something... but the pantry was pretty light and the landlord was only going to be so forgiving. The printer sat quietly on the desk as if simply asking her to sit , plug in and print something. Was it that simple, she needed something to inspire her. In between jobs she really wanted to get something on paper, something that could be produced. Theater seats could be filled if that works was good.
The gray keys of the laptop called to her to grace their keys, to write, to create. This wasn't truly unemployment mostly it was her sub conscience blocking her, holding her back from her calling, her passion.


Each day a new day for some reason Addy held on to some pieces of the recent past. Relationships outside the boundaries of time; the relationship they built not so long ago that crumbled so quickly taking more than just her heart with it. Since then Addy built new walls around her heart to protect it while trapping her inspiration in those walls, her writing suffered.. Keeping herself protected from heartbreak simply meant she wasn't living. She existed but to what end? A change of scenery was in order. Something to refresh her vision. Theater and writing held more than sappy emotions to her , they were the center of her world, she needed to find a new path to that center.

“Lets move to center work. I'd like to try something different today.” Miss Tayna wasn't know for changing things up at all. Addy and the other girls looked at each other wondering what it meant?
“ This combination will start center in open 4th position....” she began demonstrating the combination to the group as she finished and posed the girls faces showed the surprise and the excitement with the new combination and style. “The music is an original piece that my cousin sent me last week, it inspired me to step outside of our classical ballet box, and yes I want this on full pointe when appropriate. Lets do this in groups of 3, Adrianna , Bree, and Julie up first, and 5,6,7,8.” the music filled the studio and the movements carried the three ballerinas to a new level. The new energy Addy felt at the end of the number was so invigorating that she wanted more, more ballet, more music, more whatever she could get her hands on.


Thomas Andrew Williams stood casually at the phone wall waiting his turn. This phone call weighed heavy on his heart. Addy consumed his every thought, would she wait for him, would she see him differently, would this be their chance? 3 months ago they left things so unfinished. She still had another year of school to finish and he heading to boot camp then on to training, their final words to each other stung his heart. Could he take his anger back, would she even answer the phone?

“Williams, WILLIAMS, you're up... don't waste our time if you ain't gonna call anyone....” the harsh ugly voice of Anderson snapped Thomas back to reality.

“Sorry dude, I'm calling her....”
“ Oh, I see... “ Anderson cracked half a smile as he chuckled walking away...
5 0 3 5 8 5 1 2 3 6, Thomas slowed dialed the numbers pushing each one with a heavy aching while building up a wall that would soon come crashing down.
The ringing on the other end lulled Thomas into a security , 'perhaps she wasn't even home'

“Hello?” Addy's voice was ( ), not recognizing the caller =id number she was cautious.

“Addy?” Addy stopped in her tracks, 'it couldn't be?'

“Thom? Is that you?”
“yes, sweetheart.. is is ok that I called you?”
“I guess so....” her heart skipped a beat, not sure what to say or how respond....

“I don't have long, but wanted to talk to you... I miss you.” he really missed her, he should be calling his mom or sister but he is calling his ex-girlfriend.... The one phone call he gets this week and he is calling his ex-girlfriend.

“You do? But I thought we had left it , well you know...” she missed him too, not sure what she wanted to let on, or even admit to.

“I wanted to say, I'm sorry for what we said. I shouldn't have left things that way, it was cruel and hurtful.” his voice carried a sense of sincerity that melted Addy's heart.

' darn him.... why now, why did he have to call tonight, why.....' Addy struggled with her composure.
"I'm not sure what I am suppose to say. Seriously, I am suppose to fall over and forget it all happened? " She was letting her guard down, opening up and getting angry.
"OK, I'm with you... I just trying to clear the air." that didn't sound like he planned. He wanted her back, he didn't want to walk away, he wanted the proposal to be and for her to say yes, not the lets take it slow mentality they had previously had. "No, I didn't want to clear the air, damn it Adrianna, I Love you, it is that simple, I want you in my life, I don't want to let us go." There he said it.. nothing like dropping a bombshell from 1200 miles away... Not exactly the reconciliation he had dreamed of.
"What?" she had to catch her breath. " I can't do this right now, Thom I have an audition coming up. I have to stay focused this role will get me out of here. This is the roll I 've dreamed of. I only have a term left on campus then I'm free to move , free to travel." Addy put up her wall, high and with reinforcements. 'this isn't happening, not now... damn him... why did he have to change his mind, why couldn't he have kept it to himself. '
"Come on Addy, don't do this... I won't be home for another 2 months, you won't be done with school yet, we can see what happens." the shaking in his voice said more than his words.
He really meant it...
"When will you be home?" Addy decided to give him the benefit of the doubt.
"Week before Easter, Mom wants be to attend Easter Mass, but other than that I am leaving it wide open, hoping we can at least see each other and talk in person."
"Ok, my senior project will be closing that week so it should be fine. I'm not making any.

Sunday, November 15, 2009


***This is a monologue Adrianna performs. I haven't written the surrounding elements yet****

I'm sorry I don't understand ,
I'm sorry I need too much.
I'm sorry I have to know.
You are more to me then you will ever know.
My heart skips a beat with every thought of you.
As childlike as it sounds-
you are that part of me that brings a smile to my face-
that part of me that adds sparkle to my eyes.
You are a world to me; where time stands still.
Our moment will not come soon enough.
My patience ran out, my needs and desires grow stronger with each passing moment we are a part.
There is a part of me that wants so much more than I can ever expect to have.
We are bound in time, two spirits caught together, where time means nothing
where destiny evades souls
where distance is not barrier
where hearts beat as one.
Two spirits collided and have waited for that day when the two souls they represent will finally make their way to that happiness.
Some days I wonder if we will ever know that happiness, Will we ever be able to understand that time stood still for our spirits and that our souls can still be one even after so much time has passed us by.
One heart beat, one breath, one body, one mind, we will be together if not inthis life in another existence.
What are time and space really, they are these ideas that things occue in bug is love bound bu such ideas
Not ours; ours is something that transcends time and space.
Someday we will know the love our spirits have.

Closing Weekend...

In a surreal moment of sorts Addie realized this was the last weekend, the closing of HER show. For the past year every ounce of energy she had went toward writing, rewriting, casting, staging, producing , and promoting this; this piece of her. A sadness of sorts, came over her, accompanied by a sense of accomplishment. Strange how in just a few short hours everything she had worked for would be put away; tied up in a nice little package of memories, her final project was complete and she would move on.

"Addie?" his voice caught her off guard, she turned in a moment of surprise. "Did I miss the show?" Thom stood tall and proud im his uniform, bringing Addie to a place she nearly forgot in her.
"Here just in time, I have a section of seats in row c your are welcome to watch from there." hiding her elation presenting her producer persona in a moment of ______.
Thom reached across the walk, taking her in one motion, bringing her to him, wrapping her up in a blissful embrace. "Don't give me the producer, I can for Addie, not Adrianna the producer." with that he gently kissed her cheek and let her go.
"Thom! I've got a play to put on." her coldness surprised him, it even surprised her a little. What did he expect?

'arghhh' she through as she pushed back stage. Jason met her in the aisle.
"5 minutes to curtain Boss, we've got it under control here, go sit, enjoy the show." Jason presented the picture perfect closing night, as if anything would go wrong... She really shouldn't be back stage anyway, she was the producer after all. Addie made her way back to her seat. ' why was she making such a big deal of this production? This wasn't Broadway, it was community theather, oh but how she wished for the big lights of Broadway, even an off Broadway production in New York would be good.

transcribing some hand written stuff...

No Looking Back: (Not sure where/ how this will fit into the story or even if, these are all short pieces that I need to expand on.)

Addy wasn't' sure where to begin; a year ago she began a new journey across miles, over mountains to a place thought to have all the answers. Now she was sitting in a strange place, alone, lost among her unanswered questions. The darkness of her apartment was the only thing her hear found solace in.
"what am I suppose to think of all this? I had or at least thought I had something special, something that would last." talking to herself comforted her in a _______way. The darkness began to blur, realizing sleep held at least one answer for her, she crawled longingly under the colorful down comforter on her antique double bed.

'Friendship ever dies, some bounds never break, and many old habits die hard' Addy thought to herself as she stared at her workload for the week. Working for a production company reviewing scripts left little time for socializing outside the theater world. She longed for a simpler social life, one were she decided what events to attend, one where friends weren't looking for an "in" with the company she worked for. As her mind continued to wander images of Thom filled her head, she longed to see him again, wondering if his journey took him down a narrow path or a 'road less traveled' as cliche' as it sounded. Thom taught her to let go of heartache, emotional tension doesn't have to be a strong hold on your life. Thankfully that lesson stuck with her even now.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Just some notes to self and thinking outloud

For next year, NaNoWriMo 2010: outline or plan ahead a little better... randomness is hurting my word count and use of my time. Know the project and be prepared for what it will bring out...

For the current project i.e. the one here on the blog.... Edit posting related to this work with a outline reference or something similar so cutting and pasting will be easier... Right now it is too disconnected even for me... I guess that is what happens when you use the blog as a notepad...

Character study for everyone is the story... make sure I know them... Interview them or something... (I know I have the forms here somewhere.)

Description, description , description... Most of the bits are lacking the descriptive qualities... Setting and timeline are weak right now and need some help... A outline would help, but since I wasn't 100% sure where this project was going I couldn't commit to an outline...

Plan ahead for ScriptFest (I think that what it is called... April 2010... 100pages of Script in 1 month..) hmmm what could I work on then...

Step, Ball Change, Step, Step, Step

*****word war with Salem NaNoWriMo online.*****
Tap, tap, tap, tap, pause, tap, tap , tap.... The clicking rythmic sounds on taps across the polished hardwood floor brought a strange sense of calm to Addy. There was something relazing in her tap class. The energy release was an amazing let go for her after a long day of classes and stress from theater reheasals seemed to just leave pnce she began scuffing her aggression on to the hardowood floor. The music was such a welcome change from the usual classical pieces in Tanya's Ballet studio. It wouldn't take long and Addy could simply loose herself to her taps. New combinations , intricate time steps and the speed of her turns freed her to just be. Be a dancer, be an actress, be herself.

After 8 years of classical ballet training, she found her second or was it third home now... the Tap studio brought a strange solace to her. Of course the instructor being handsome and cut as well as an amazing artist didn't hurt the situation. Danny let them free themselves through their taps. Strangely enough the room seem to go on forever, the walls didn't connect, turns could keep turning.

"Here we go, lets give it full energy this time. 5...6...7...8" The group combination was heading them to competition in a week. This rag tag group of young adults mostly college students who needed an outlet. The music's (pick a piece....) rythms meant the rountine had to be perfect, no room for mistakes. "Arms, faster pick ups, come on sharper.." his voice carried a simply firm message. 'get it right already.'

"Take a minute to catch you breath, as that was obviously not our best work ladies." the girls could all hear it in in voice, Danny wasn't happy with that AT ALL!
" We have less than 2 weeks until competition... If you guys don't get it together we WILL fall flat on our faces."
"Let's take it from the top." He turned and pointed the remote toward the stereo. "5...6...7...8"
Addy knew hse would have to pull her thoughts together or her feet would not be with.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Class Writing 11/11/09.. Co-Op

Addy sat patiently against the concrete wall waiting for her pointe class to start... Her feet already protesting against the idea of satin pink pointe shoes. She broke the shoes in several weeks before but was still not content with the fit. She sat wondering if this was right for her. After a long transition the door to the studio finally opening releasing 12 beginning pointe ballerinas to chatter through the hall themselves. Addy along with the other 6 girls in her class rushed into the studio to get their favorite ball spots. The mirrors shone brilliantly reflecting every detail of the room, the floors spotted with rosin reflecting the movements of the previous class. Miss Tanya and tall, slender woman turned to the class to begin.
" Lets begin with our plie', same set in first, second, forth, and fifth, finishing in a releve' , turn and reverse." turning to the stereo on the chair Miss Tayna's grace and elegance moved with her. Her ebony black hair was perfectly tied up in a bun.
The music (find a good piece to include here) led the class through the warm up from their plies to tundus, to a bar stretch and finally a simple portabrae (check the spelling).
"Shall we begin center floor..." Miss Tanya's voice was commanding but soft.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

word war #2

*******This is kind of random, but will work it in somehow...****

Adrianna stood starring at the curtain, handle this, I don't know which direction this going.

"who did you say the director was?"
Jerrod pulled out a message pad from his desk "Jim Stevenson... you know him?"

She froze. 'it couldn't be, what was he trying to prove'
" ahhhhh, yes. I do..."
"I'll check in later" she rushed passed in wondering if this was really happening.
The 43rd street theater company was only 10 blocks away, she frantically rushed north up Park Blvd to 43rd street.

out of breath and soaking wet Adrianna pulled open the glass door to the theater office.

" Can I help you" a older elegantly dressed receptionist greeted her.
"Yes, I'd like to speak with Mr. Stevenson please."
"May I tell him your name?"
"Just say Addy is here to see him." Adrianna wasn't exactly sure what she was going to do, just that she had to see him and find out why...

"Third door down the hall on the left."
"Thank you." Adrianna nodded as she cautiously proceeded toward the hall. The rusted and burgundy carpet added a strange warmth to the foyer.
Adrianna paused only briefly as she approached the third door. She gently but purposely knocked on the down.

"It's open" called a distant voice, " come on it, I'll be right with you..."
That was definitely Jim's voice, but did he realize it who was knocking on the door?
"Thank you for the offer, but I'm not sure if I should reprise this roll at this point in my career.." Adrianna decided to take the cold road rather than open herself up to potential heartache.
"I'm sorry to hear that, I was looking forward to working with you on stage." Jim turned from the built in book case as he laid his book down. Walking across the office to great her

Word War at Write In.

Her auburn hair and hazel eyes accent her young innocences. Where was her prince charming? Would he ever come again? He was the light that shown in her heart, the end of the love story. He was the inspiration she needed to keep going, to write, to sing, to perform. Just simply knowing he was in the audience gave her the courage she needed lately. Would he actually show himself, let her know he was there? She had to let herself believe he sat somewhere in the blackness of the auditorium as she moved through the script, following the blocking across the dark hardwood floors on the Theater (note to self, name the theater).
Each night as Addy sat in her dressing room trying with fevered desperation to find her character, find it within her spirit to bring to life that character just one more time, she prayed he would be there (what is his name???) waiting for her at the backstage door. His sandy blond hair and crystal blue eyes inspired her to move forward through the longing, through the darkness and sadness.  He was her knight in shining armor as cliche' as it sounded.

"5 minutes to curtain, places backstage..." the dreaded call came from the stairwell. The harsh voice of the stage manager.  Addy began to climb the stairs from the dressing rooms. the walls seeming to call to her in her longing. 'stay here with us', 'don't move on', 'you need us'.  The security this theater possessed, a safety and comfort..

Adrianna picked up the morning headlines on her phone... stopping in a brief moment of disbelief.
"This isn't happening...." she hurriedly turned her laptop on frantically typing, the familiar network page came on.
' Did anyone else see the headline in the education section this morning?' her fingers moved as fast as they could in an almost surreal fashion. ' are they really tearing it down?'

In real time fashion responses began popping up...
"yes" , "sad but true" " we can't stop them, we tried"

' why am I just now hearing about this, how did I miss it?'  her mind began rushing through the memories, she could hear the voices, the music, the sounds of the  seats in their own quirky creaking as someone passed them.

"The building has been sold and the new owners are building some a new high tech firm."

a rush of cold sadness fell over Adrianna. For 6 years she existed on that stage, in that dressing room, seated in the auditorium just simply exisisting.

"Adrianna, a new script has come in for you. Looks like a good role for you...The director requested you read for it... If you want the role it is yours." 

"What?" Jerrod's voice jerked her back to reality. She was in her office, staring blankly off journeying back to through the curtain that had been hers for so long.

"New script..." Jerrod's face shown his discontent with her day dreaming.. "are you here or should I schedule an appointment?"

"I'm sorry Jerrod, just got some news and I'm not sure how to take it..." that would be the understatement of the year. This news as materialistic as it sounded shattered her balance. That building wasn't just a building it was her security. why had she left the security and stability it offered?.

The computer screen flashed new messages, photos of her beloved building, her sanctuary  ripped apart.  A gaping hole in the stone wall, opening the safety of that place , memories flooded out from that one hole. The sadness and sudden rush of anger invaded Adrianna's mind. How, why?

She pushed it out of her mind, picking up the script Jerrod brought her.  A revival. "West Side Story", seriously? could she possibly reprise the role. Who would her co-star be? Especially now.

Her cell phone buzzed and flashed messages, missed calls ; Adrianna just starred out the window overlooking the busy street below.  Melodies flooded her head, choreography, tingled her joints, a feeling of excitement surged through her..
"I'll take it" her voice was strong and determined.
"Seriously? You're going to take the  role?" Jerrod looked surprised.

"Yes, why not? It is one of my favorite roles and I think it will be a good career move." 
She picked up the script and put it in her bag... "I'm going to get a bite to eat..." moving across the studio, "by the way who is the director?"

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fatal Illusions: Book Review

I am finally getting around to posting my review of this enthralling mystery. Fatal Illusions by Adam Blumer. I haven't read a mystery in a while so the idea of reading and reviewing a mystery was a welcome change.

I loved the characters in the book, they were the neighbors you might have. The descriptions of each character whether one of the Thayers or the antagonist Hayden Owens. Their problems seem believable. The plot moves and draws the reader in. When everything in Gillian Thayer's world seems to be so bleak her faith seems so reachable.

Most of the mysteries I have read fall into the mainstream media category so I was reluctant when it came to a Christian Mystery, but I was happily surprised to be drawn farther and farther into the story.

Since this story deals with some adult concepts I would not recommend it to a younger teen but perhaps reading it in a group setting with older teens would be reasonable. It was a page turner from the very beginning.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Flower of Grass

James E Robinson's book "The Flower of Grass" is more than a Prodigal son's tale. I was sent a copy of the book to read and review and decided after reading the back cover that this was something special.
I was right.
Personal unfinished business, we all have something hanging there in that closet; this story does a wonderful job of dealing with the demons and the unfinished business of returning home. The characters are colorful holding a depth in them that shows the reader a real world. Love and morality along with the sanctity of marriage are prominent themes while answering the age old question "can you ever go back". While this is Christian Fiction, it does have adult themes so I would recommend it to a child, maybe an older teen but only as a group read in a family setting.
The characters in the book come of the page and seem so honest and real. I fell in love with the Preacher., the dialogue between the preacher and John Allen is trapped between the here and now and the chaos of dementia and old age but still has the pure honest emotional ties to the preacher's own marriage.
I also grasped onto "El" and her innocence. The youthfulness and pure out right honesty reminds the reader than young adults and teens understand more than we really give them credit for.
Again, I would recommend this book, I was able to read it in a couple of days (actually late nights... ), it is a great summer read at just over 250 pages. Enjoyable reading..
After sitting on the read for a while, I have to say I will read this again.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Book Reviews

Over the next week I will be posting several book reviews.
I am posting them here as well as my other blogs, I decided to post them here as every writer should be reading something new as a way to grow.
The first review should be up tomorrow and a second will follow hopefully tomorrow night or Tuesday.
I will be reviewing Christian Fiction as well as Religion/Theology , and homeschool/ children's books. I hope you will enjoy this new area of the blog, I will still be writing just putting it on the back burner while I sort out some stuff in my chaotic mind...

Monday, June 8, 2009

Time and Place

A time long ago,
A place I know,
where two hearts
joined, ne'er apart.
In love, in peace
in friendship will ne'er cease.
Today, a new
a hand to get me through.
Friendship that will last
Words that will get me past.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Ask, Knock , Seek

Ask and ye shall receive, Knock and the door shall be open, seek and ye shall find....

On a Spiritual level these words are meaningful, but have you ever considered them in your everyday life.

ask for that time,
ask for a moment
ask for that one last kiss to say good-bye.

knock on that new door,
knock down the walls,
knock down that barrier between you and your dream.

Seek knowledge,
Seek the answers,
Seek the beauty in life that only you can see.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Catching up...

I have not abandoned this project , just set it on the back burner for a while. I have a couple ideas tossing around in my head that I will try and post here as they find their way to the surface.
I am gearing up for a Creative Writing Class with a local homeschool co-op so I will be working this summer trying out some new ideas. I am also going to try out a couple ideas for scripts I have in my head...