Sunday, November 15, 2009

transcribing some hand written stuff...

No Looking Back: (Not sure where/ how this will fit into the story or even if, these are all short pieces that I need to expand on.)

Addy wasn't' sure where to begin; a year ago she began a new journey across miles, over mountains to a place thought to have all the answers. Now she was sitting in a strange place, alone, lost among her unanswered questions. The darkness of her apartment was the only thing her hear found solace in.
"what am I suppose to think of all this? I had or at least thought I had something special, something that would last." talking to herself comforted her in a _______way. The darkness began to blur, realizing sleep held at least one answer for her, she crawled longingly under the colorful down comforter on her antique double bed.

'Friendship ever dies, some bounds never break, and many old habits die hard' Addy thought to herself as she stared at her workload for the week. Working for a production company reviewing scripts left little time for socializing outside the theater world. She longed for a simpler social life, one were she decided what events to attend, one where friends weren't looking for an "in" with the company she worked for. As her mind continued to wander images of Thom filled her head, she longed to see him again, wondering if his journey took him down a narrow path or a 'road less traveled' as cliche' as it sounded. Thom taught her to let go of heartache, emotional tension doesn't have to be a strong hold on your life. Thankfully that lesson stuck with her even now.

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