Sunday, November 15, 2009

Closing Weekend...

In a surreal moment of sorts Addie realized this was the last weekend, the closing of HER show. For the past year every ounce of energy she had went toward writing, rewriting, casting, staging, producing , and promoting this; this piece of her. A sadness of sorts, came over her, accompanied by a sense of accomplishment. Strange how in just a few short hours everything she had worked for would be put away; tied up in a nice little package of memories, her final project was complete and she would move on.

"Addie?" his voice caught her off guard, she turned in a moment of surprise. "Did I miss the show?" Thom stood tall and proud im his uniform, bringing Addie to a place she nearly forgot in her.
"Here just in time, I have a section of seats in row c your are welcome to watch from there." hiding her elation presenting her producer persona in a moment of ______.
Thom reached across the walk, taking her in one motion, bringing her to him, wrapping her up in a blissful embrace. "Don't give me the producer, I can for Addie, not Adrianna the producer." with that he gently kissed her cheek and let her go.
"Thom! I've got a play to put on." her coldness surprised him, it even surprised her a little. What did he expect?

'arghhh' she through as she pushed back stage. Jason met her in the aisle.
"5 minutes to curtain Boss, we've got it under control here, go sit, enjoy the show." Jason presented the picture perfect closing night, as if anything would go wrong... She really shouldn't be back stage anyway, she was the producer after all. Addie made her way back to her seat. ' why was she making such a big deal of this production? This wasn't Broadway, it was community theather, oh but how she wished for the big lights of Broadway, even an off Broadway production in New York would be good.

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