Saturday, April 9, 2011

Writer's Workshop at Bloggy Moms 3/30/2011

Imagine you're home alone (I know this may be hard to visualize but work with me here) and you stumble upon a secret passageway in your living room. The passage leads to a room of your very own, one that you will never tell another living soul about. This is your sanctuary. What does your room look like? What will you do here? Be as creative as you want and add a twist of magic.

I love this idea... a secret room just for me, someplace I can hide... A Mommy time out... honestly the space doesn't have to be very big. I can see a quiet comfortable room with a loveseat, a wooden rocking chair (vintage),  a fireplace, and a small stereo. A coffee table or at least a small endtable with a journal, a bible, and a small lamp would be requirments.. I must have a place to write my thoughts, especially if I'm in time out... "why am I in time out"  "how can I handle myself better next time", things like that.

F is for Friendship

Friendships in theater take on a different life. Rather than just friends you become more like a family, well at least that is how it was with the group I was involved in. We cared about each other and were there for each other no matter what. We dragged each other to auditions, we helped wipe away the tears over lost parts, celebrated open and closing shows at the local eatery (in our case it was a Red Robin's)

With the rise of Facebook many of those friendships have been rekindled. We are all grown and most of us are married and have families now. The building we called our theatrical home has been demolished for a soccer field. But the memories of those friendships and the life lessons we learned from those days will live with us for a long long time.

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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

D is Director

(This is just a sketch but will help me expand on one of the characters in my novel)

"Let's get to work people" Her voiced echoed through the auditorium and the kids knew she meant business.  Sheila held her own with the rowdy bunch of kids; rough around the edges but gentle and compassionate when called for.  "I want to get the blocking done so we can move on. Top of page 7...."

"Ms.Carey?" Addy broke in cautiously. "I think we have a slight problem." her voice shakey as she pointed to the first bank of lights on the stage.  Little sparks flickered from the center pin spot.

" Oh crap! Jason, kill the lights on the stage and give me the full house now!" her voice and demenor changed almost immediately. "Addy, go find Mr. Burgess he should still be here... We need an extra ladder. Kyle grab the ladder from back stage and set it up under that bar of lights stage left." The down side to an old auditorium , old wiring."

Monday, April 4, 2011

C is for Curtain

Thought I would write a little about the name of the blog and part of the writing project...
"Curtain Journey" is or was the working title of a novel I was working on for NaNoWriMo'09. Basically parts of the story were vignettes from my past life in Junior High and High School Theater. I loved the time I spent in theater all 5 years plus some of the arts I worked in after high school.

I remember our theater well.. The art deco pieces on the walls of the auditorium, the very uncomfortable seats, the rounded balcony. The building that housed the theater was originally the high school and became the junior high after a newer facility was built in the early 1970's, so we were lucky to have a larger auditorium than most junior highs.. The stage had a wood floor and was fairly deep. The curtain that hung in the front was blue velveteen and something about the curtain mesmerized me. It was warm and comforting giving a feeling of security much like a quilt on Grandma's bed.  I spent time both on stage and back stage always comforted by the great expanse of the curtain.  When I began planning the novel project knowing much of the story would take place in or around that theater I decided the curtain had to play a larger than life role in the book, thus the title.  The auditorium and building are now gone but the memories from those years are forever etched in my mind.  I hope as I work more on the project the comforting of that curtain will be a presence to the reader as well as the author.