Thursday, April 26, 2012

T is for Tea Please #atozchallenge


“I’m heading downstairs for some coffee, want something?”

“a Passion Tea would be wonderful” Addy didn’t even look up from the script she was reading.

“ are you sure you don’t want to come with me?”
”can’t gotta get through this script before 3:00. It is going to be a long afternoon at this rate.”

Addy’s office was too dark and the afternoons spent reading scripts always put her to sleep, coffee would be a energy kick but she never could acquire a taste for it…

M is for One More Minute… #atozchallenge


“One more minute, pweezzz  Nannie..” his little voice pleaded with Nanny

“It is time for bed little guy.” She tried to stand strong but his big blue eyes and soft blond wispy curls made it hard to say no.

“but Bear isn’t finished playing with Joey…” he was really trying to win her over.

“ Now Bear, it is time for your young friend Joey to climb into bed,” she picked up the well loved white bear gently setting him next to the blue pillow on  the white toddler bed. “There, look Joey, Bear is all ready for bed, if you climb into bed Nanny can read you both a goodnight story.”

The curly haired blue eyed toddler climbed up onto his bed, “ Goodnight Moon,  Goodnight Moon” he requested with a joyful clapping.

“Goodnight Moon it is , little one” Nanny gently laid the toddler down and pulled the  blue comforter over him. She pulled the glider toward his bed just enough to begin reading his favorite bedtime story.

Monday, April 23, 2012

I is for Ideas (where do they come from) #atozchallenge


I remember when a college professor telling us  “Write what you know”.  I  always fought the idea.I didn’t want to write what  I knew,but now I  love  going back and pulling from what I know to get ideas. That is just one place ideas come from. I see things in daily life of a homeschool mom that inspire an idea or a rabbit trail to explore. I also love pulling ideas from family letters and diaries, I inherited an  amazing collection of letters circa 1880s between my G-G-Grandparents during his time on the railroad.DSCN1227

Ideas come from so many places.  I love using mental graphic organizers to grow ideas or break down ideas that are just too complex.

I love using journal prompts or daily prompts online if I find myself sharing at that infamous brick wall also known as writers’ block. Sometimes a looming deadline can also help, sometimes it can also become the mortar holding those bricks together.

Where do your ideas come from?

Sunday, April 22, 2012

H is for Help #atozchallenge

All she had to do was ask, he would be there for her no matter what if she would only ask. Jeremy was waiting for her to simply ask for help, he loved her and would hold on to her as long as she needed.

Brei didn’t know how to ask for help yet, she was still more comfortable in her darkness behind the security of the wall that she built around her heart.  She knew Jeremy meant breaking down the wall that she spent so long building around her heart.  Help was there but did she really know how to ask for it.

**** yes I know this one was short, it is a piece of a bigger picture...****

G is for letting down the Guard #atozchallenge

Could she let him in? Was he the real thing? Brei wasn’t sure if she  was really ready for something so real.  Jeremy seemed to have it all, a job, goals, ambition, and a heart as big as the world. There  was a security wall that Brei had built around her heart over the years, but slowly he was breaking down her wall brick by brick. 
The darkness was her comfort, her security wall; Jeremy was a light invading the darkness and Brei wasn’t sure if that light brought safety or more fear.
“Come on, let's get some lunch.” his voice snapped her backed to reality.
" OK , but something light.” she didn’t think she could eat with her mind wandering.
“ The Snack Shack it is then. “  The new cafĂ© has just opened on campus and offered a lighter faire, it also offered a quiet quaint atmosphere where she could get lost in her thoughts but still have the comfort of his presence