Monday, April 23, 2012

I is for Ideas (where do they come from) #atozchallenge


I remember when a college professor telling us  “Write what you know”.  I  always fought the idea.I didn’t want to write what  I knew,but now I  love  going back and pulling from what I know to get ideas. That is just one place ideas come from. I see things in daily life of a homeschool mom that inspire an idea or a rabbit trail to explore. I also love pulling ideas from family letters and diaries, I inherited an  amazing collection of letters circa 1880s between my G-G-Grandparents during his time on the railroad.DSCN1227

Ideas come from so many places.  I love using mental graphic organizers to grow ideas or break down ideas that are just too complex.

I love using journal prompts or daily prompts online if I find myself sharing at that infamous brick wall also known as writers’ block. Sometimes a looming deadline can also help, sometimes it can also become the mortar holding those bricks together.

Where do your ideas come from?

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