Thursday, April 26, 2012

M is for One More Minute… #atozchallenge


“One more minute, pweezzz  Nannie..” his little voice pleaded with Nanny

“It is time for bed little guy.” She tried to stand strong but his big blue eyes and soft blond wispy curls made it hard to say no.

“but Bear isn’t finished playing with Joey…” he was really trying to win her over.

“ Now Bear, it is time for your young friend Joey to climb into bed,” she picked up the well loved white bear gently setting him next to the blue pillow on  the white toddler bed. “There, look Joey, Bear is all ready for bed, if you climb into bed Nanny can read you both a goodnight story.”

The curly haired blue eyed toddler climbed up onto his bed, “ Goodnight Moon,  Goodnight Moon” he requested with a joyful clapping.

“Goodnight Moon it is , little one” Nanny gently laid the toddler down and pulled the  blue comforter over him. She pulled the glider toward his bed just enough to begin reading his favorite bedtime story.

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