Thursday, November 20, 2008

JACKPOT, well kind of...

I was cleaning my office tonight and found 3 old journals, 2 spirals full of writing (misc stuff from the 90's), as well as my old college binder full of charts, lists, forms, idea starting bits, etc... I'm sorting through the piles now and clearing out the trash and saving the notes and useful stuff...

Here's hoping this will help keep me focused and writing more...

We now return to the normal ramblings of this writer...

One Minute Writer: First: Thursday's Word

Another great word for my novel writing page from One Minute Writer

***Note this is a process so nothing is really in order, this is mostly a place for me to 'scribble' my thoughts****

First Day on the Job: (Epilogue)
Addie cautiously opened the stain glass door at 312 North Ave E., this was it, her first day of the job. She was finally working in the real world. She had dreamed of this day for so long now. After all the hours writing and acting, dancing and playing, blocking and choreography high school and college theater this was the real thing. Her first real world job. Her own.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Ramblings and thoughts

I'll warn my readers now, this is simply a ramblings page as I gather some thoughts that have been crowding my head tonight.

****Addie's surprise guest still needs a name.... without revealing too many details about him yet; I'm thinking Aaron, Thom, or something along those lines... I can put myself in the scene for a moment and see him but can't name him yet... ugh!! (where is my old baby name book full of post it notes and thoughts...)

The theatre's (yes I will be spelling it that way tonight) architectural style is key... Man I wish I could spend a few hours writing in the old auditorium to get the feelings back, to relive moments of those years that this is loosely (yes loosely) based on.

Expressing the music and the sounds in words is harder than I thought...I found a great website that plays classical music at a nice slow tempo... I'm finding the calming effect of the music in my writing or at least the desire to write more. Thank goodness for mulit-tab browsers...

What does the color of burgundy feel like? Warm, comforting, dramatic.... ugh where is my thesaurus...

I wish my editor was here..... if you happen to stop by let me know...

One Minute Writer:Listen: Wednesday's word

Obviously I was meant to write this week as today's word sparked another idea.

"Does anyone here listen to me?" Addie's face shown a deep red shade as her temper began to flare. Tonight was the last curtain call of her show. "I still don't have the props set for scene 4 yet, and where is Julia, she was suppose to be here to double check the blocking change with the lights. Do you people not care, this isn't just about me. We have all worked too long and too hard for this not to work."

"Addie, I'm here... " Julia's petite stature and timid voice seemed to bring a calm to the backstage.

"Jerrid, can you bring up just the onstage lights while we run this blocking change for Julia's monologue?, Jerrid, are you listening??" Addie's headset was working she was sure, but as usual the tech crew was off in their own little world. "I'll be right back, Julie, go ahead and work on the blocking changes." Addie started toward the stairs leading to the auditorium...

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

One Minute Writer: Weekend: Monday's word

Monday's word was "weekend", so I decided to return to the novel works with the word..

Closing Weekend:
In a surreal moment of sorts Addie realized this was the last weekend, the closing of Her Show. For the past year every ounce of energy she had went toward writing, rewriting, casting, staging, producing, and promoting this, this piece of her. A sadness came over her, accompanied by a sense of accomplishment. Strange how in just a few short hours everything she had worked for would be put away. Tied up in a nice little package of memories, her final project was complete.
"Addie?" his voice caught her, she turned in surprise. He had come home just in time.

****this is a bit of the end of the novel. I never write in order*****