Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Ramblings and thoughts

I'll warn my readers now, this is simply a ramblings page as I gather some thoughts that have been crowding my head tonight.

****Addie's surprise guest still needs a name.... without revealing too many details about him yet; I'm thinking Aaron, Thom, or something along those lines... I can put myself in the scene for a moment and see him but can't name him yet... ugh!! (where is my old baby name book full of post it notes and thoughts...)

The theatre's (yes I will be spelling it that way tonight) architectural style is key... Man I wish I could spend a few hours writing in the old auditorium to get the feelings back, to relive moments of those years that this is loosely (yes loosely) based on.

Expressing the music and the sounds in words is harder than I thought...I found a great website that plays classical music at a nice slow tempo... I'm finding the calming effect of the music in my writing or at least the desire to write more. Thank goodness for mulit-tab browsers...

What does the color of burgundy feel like? Warm, comforting, dramatic.... ugh where is my thesaurus...

I wish my editor was here..... if you happen to stop by let me know...

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SuzyScribbles said...

Wow, what an incredible idea. To actual BRAINSTORM on your blog. One place where nothing gets lost since blogger organizes everything for you. I saw your comment on the Writer's Lounge on THL that your novel was in bits and pieces over on a blog, so I hunted it down.
(What IS it about writers that just love peeking at other writers' works?) LOL
I friended you over on THL.
If you visit me, you'll see that my blogger blog is more like a "holding pattern" "air lock" or something like that to just to direct folks to my REAL blogs over on HSB. :-)