Tuesday, November 18, 2008

One Minute Writer: Weekend: Monday's word

Monday's word was "weekend", so I decided to return to the novel works with the word..

Closing Weekend:
In a surreal moment of sorts Addie realized this was the last weekend, the closing of Her Show. For the past year every ounce of energy she had went toward writing, rewriting, casting, staging, producing, and promoting this, this piece of her. A sadness came over her, accompanied by a sense of accomplishment. Strange how in just a few short hours everything she had worked for would be put away. Tied up in a nice little package of memories, her final project was complete.
"Addie?" his voice caught her, she turned in surprise. He had come home just in time.

****this is a bit of the end of the novel. I never write in order*****

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C. Beth said...

How cool, the way that you're using TOMW! Thanks for sharing. I really like the closing lines of your novel; hope the beginning and middle turn out great too. :)