Wednesday, November 19, 2008

One Minute Writer:Listen: Wednesday's word

Obviously I was meant to write this week as today's word sparked another idea.

"Does anyone here listen to me?" Addie's face shown a deep red shade as her temper began to flare. Tonight was the last curtain call of her show. "I still don't have the props set for scene 4 yet, and where is Julia, she was suppose to be here to double check the blocking change with the lights. Do you people not care, this isn't just about me. We have all worked too long and too hard for this not to work."

"Addie, I'm here... " Julia's petite stature and timid voice seemed to bring a calm to the backstage.

"Jerrid, can you bring up just the onstage lights while we run this blocking change for Julia's monologue?, Jerrid, are you listening??" Addie's headset was working she was sure, but as usual the tech crew was off in their own little world. "I'll be right back, Julie, go ahead and work on the blocking changes." Addie started toward the stairs leading to the auditorium...

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