Saturday, March 13, 2010

Script Frenzy

So you will all have a bear with me in April as I dive head first in to script writing, which I haven't done seriously since college (circa 1993-1999)... I have a couple ideas in my head, of course I'm going for theatrical although you never know if may change itself as it evolves...
Don't be surprised if I decide to side line the novel ideas for the stage again... I might even get ambitious and go musical theatre....

Enjoy the spring weather, Spring Forward tonight  (that is your public service announcement)..

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Escape the Hezbollah: Book Review

Escape The Hezbollah

I recently finished reading a powerfully intense work by Pola Muzyka. "Escape the Hezbollah" follows a young man through the ultimate test of faith and love. The main character Joseph is kidnapped into the Hezbollah army and forced under Sharia Law. This powerful story follows Joseph through his struggles to keep his faith in God while trying to stay alive, protect the ones he loves and escape.

This is a powerful , inspiring book. Not only well written, but well researched. I was taken by the research involved in the overall story as well included "glossary of events".
Overall the book really makes you think about your faith, your passion, your conviction. What would you do in his situation? Do you have the faith to stand up for God even in your darkest hours?