Saturday, April 6, 2013

F is for Facebook #atozchallenge

This isn't a character or setting per say, although I do share characters and ideas here.
My creative writing blog has a Facebook Page and I would so appreciate anyone that feels like it , stopping by and liking the page, you can even leave a comment if you feel like it.

On another Facebook note... If you are writing in a modern setting do you use social media like Facebook or Twitter ? How do you feel about reading sections that incorporate those into the story? I have a story I am working on that the original setting and scenes used AOL instant messenger, but the setting has now moved forward enough that I am trying to figure out how to incorporate those conversations.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

D is for Daniel #atozchallenge

Daniel sat in the cafeteria waiting for the girls, he wasn't waiting for just any girls, he was waiting for his crew of girls; his friends and counterparts in the upcoming production.  Daniel was one of only 2 guys in the upcoming production so he was always surrounded by girls.
His dark brown hair looked almost black and his tall slender build made him just that much more intriguing to the girls he worked with. His dark eyes and pale complexion only added to the mystery that was Daniel. Most people didn't get to know him at all really. He was quiet unless he was on stage then he commanded a presence. He was multi talented and managed to handle his class load with grace and ease , never complaining just getting it done and submerging himself in the arts as much as he could.

C is for Corinda #atozchallenge

Corinda sat quietly in the back row of the theater reading her next scene. Something about this scene just wasn't right, she was struggling with the purpose and the characters involved. What the worst part of the issues, she wrote the script. This play was her senior project and so far she was having more issues and ready to throw in the towel, this had to work, the message was import and she had worked to hard to get it right to fail now.
THe house lights were still dimm when she finally got up and walked to the tech room door, she was always more at home sitting in the light booth, maybe she could work out the issues the script was having under the cold blue light of the booth with a steady stream of music.
"Where is that darn key?" she searched through her oversized canvas bag lookign for the crazy faces key chain.. "There it it " She carefully turned the key in the tiny lock.
Tossing her bag on the floor next to the desk, Corinda pulled her hair away from her face and wrapped it in a messy bun with a pencil to hold it in place. Her midnight black hair looked like glass under the cold blue light of the booth. Flopping down on the overstuffed chair she began to play the scenes in her head visualizing the characters and trying to listen in to their dialogue.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

B is for Brieanna #atozchallenge

Blonde hair, blue eyes, taller than average with a small but strong build; that's Brieanna in a nutshell, on the outside anyway. Spunky, inspired,  and fiercely opinionated, when she sets her mind on something, nothing will change her mind or her path.

"Hey Brieanna!" the high pitched excitement from the far end of the hall caught her attention , although she couldn't miss it if she tried. "Are you coming to rehearsal?" that was kind of a dumb question, why would she miss rehearsal, she was the lead, some people!?

"Of course, just have to drop off a paper to Mr. Bolin's office. I'll be there in a few minutes." her English teacher had given her 1 extra day to hand in her mid term paper and she managed to finish it a bit early so figured she would just get it out of the way.

Who is Brieanna?  Brieanna is a mix of a couple of characters that finally came together. She is talented but not too confident, she takes inspiration for life and when she gets an idea there really is no changing her mind. She is the oldest daughter of 5 children, her parents are existing characters you will meet later. (She is actually the second generation to a story I previously wrote)

A if for Andora #atozchallenge

Andora stood by the window, gazing at the dark looming clouds quietly praying the storm would stay at bay just a few more hours. The creaky old latch on the window squealed as she turned it to open the window, the gentle breeze swept through her long auburn hair bringing with it the scents of an impending storm.
Andora loved the sea, it called to her stirring emotions long burried.

Who is Andora? She hasn't revealed all of herself to me yet, I only catch a glimpse of her standing by the old window watching a spring storm move in from the sea. She is on Italian heritage, her name comes from a region on the coast of northern Italy. Her mother was Italian, her father Irish. I only hope I learn more about her and can tell her story.