Thursday, April 4, 2013

C is for Corinda #atozchallenge

Corinda sat quietly in the back row of the theater reading her next scene. Something about this scene just wasn't right, she was struggling with the purpose and the characters involved. What the worst part of the issues, she wrote the script. This play was her senior project and so far she was having more issues and ready to throw in the towel, this had to work, the message was import and she had worked to hard to get it right to fail now.
THe house lights were still dimm when she finally got up and walked to the tech room door, she was always more at home sitting in the light booth, maybe she could work out the issues the script was having under the cold blue light of the booth with a steady stream of music.
"Where is that darn key?" she searched through her oversized canvas bag lookign for the crazy faces key chain.. "There it it " She carefully turned the key in the tiny lock.
Tossing her bag on the floor next to the desk, Corinda pulled her hair away from her face and wrapped it in a messy bun with a pencil to hold it in place. Her midnight black hair looked like glass under the cold blue light of the booth. Flopping down on the overstuffed chair she began to play the scenes in her head visualizing the characters and trying to listen in to their dialogue.

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