Thursday, November 13, 2008

Today's Prompt from One Minute Writer:

Technology: What modern technology would you have trouble living without

My computer I suppose is the one thing I don't think I could live without although I'm sure I would return to good old fashion pen and paper (that I have been known to do even recently). I have had a computer for so long now I almost can't recall what life was before these silly machines. I received my first box (a Vic20) in 1985 and have been a wannabe computer geek ever since. The list of crazy machines gets worse but now I'm happy with my hand me down homemade machine full of misc. bits and pieces and running on Ubuntu8.0 (Linux), of course my trusty laptop ( a vintage 1999 HP Pavillon N series) is a treasure I won't easily let go of (until I can afford a newer one of course) I love taking my ideas with me and will be using it to teach two classes in our homeschool co-op Winter Term 2009.

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James Kiester said...

I couldn't live without my computer either. :->