Wednesday, April 6, 2011

D is Director

(This is just a sketch but will help me expand on one of the characters in my novel)

"Let's get to work people" Her voiced echoed through the auditorium and the kids knew she meant business.  Sheila held her own with the rowdy bunch of kids; rough around the edges but gentle and compassionate when called for.  "I want to get the blocking done so we can move on. Top of page 7...."

"Ms.Carey?" Addy broke in cautiously. "I think we have a slight problem." her voice shakey as she pointed to the first bank of lights on the stage.  Little sparks flickered from the center pin spot.

" Oh crap! Jason, kill the lights on the stage and give me the full house now!" her voice and demenor changed almost immediately. "Addy, go find Mr. Burgess he should still be here... We need an extra ladder. Kyle grab the ladder from back stage and set it up under that bar of lights stage left." The down side to an old auditorium , old wiring."

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