Sunday, November 15, 2009


***This is a monologue Adrianna performs. I haven't written the surrounding elements yet****

I'm sorry I don't understand ,
I'm sorry I need too much.
I'm sorry I have to know.
You are more to me then you will ever know.
My heart skips a beat with every thought of you.
As childlike as it sounds-
you are that part of me that brings a smile to my face-
that part of me that adds sparkle to my eyes.
You are a world to me; where time stands still.
Our moment will not come soon enough.
My patience ran out, my needs and desires grow stronger with each passing moment we are a part.
There is a part of me that wants so much more than I can ever expect to have.
We are bound in time, two spirits caught together, where time means nothing
where destiny evades souls
where distance is not barrier
where hearts beat as one.
Two spirits collided and have waited for that day when the two souls they represent will finally make their way to that happiness.
Some days I wonder if we will ever know that happiness, Will we ever be able to understand that time stood still for our spirits and that our souls can still be one even after so much time has passed us by.
One heart beat, one breath, one body, one mind, we will be together if not inthis life in another existence.
What are time and space really, they are these ideas that things occue in bug is love bound bu such ideas
Not ours; ours is something that transcends time and space.
Someday we will know the love our spirits have.

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