Sunday, December 27, 2009

Wedding Plans..

"Miss Adrianna Marie Cameron and Mr. James Douglas Stevenson cordial request your presence on Sunday July ___, 2008 at ______________ as they are joined in the bonds of holy matrimony." that reads so perfectly Addy thought to herself as she put the finishing touches on the invitation order.  "I'd like the ivory linen with navy blue print raised Old English Script and the double line scroll border along the edge. For the return cards, lets stay with the same paper and font but remove the egding..." She continued her doodling as she relayed the information to the customer service person on the other end of the phone. Her bluetooth headset seemed to have grown to her head this past week with all the phone calls and meetings not to mention the 4 conference calls and 2 online meetings she had managed to hold.

knock, knock... "Can I come in?" Jim stood at the door on her office with a single peach rose in his hand.
she waved him in with a smile.  he moved slowly around the back of her chair to place the rose on her desk and softly kiss her check.  Addy jotted on her note pad, ' Thank you' with little hearts. It was corny and so not like her, but she was hopelessly in love and enjoying the insanity of the wedding plans.
"Thank you, oh and can you send over the copy sample before it goes to print? by, Friday? Do you need my card now, ok perfect, I'll send the card information with the messenger/ courier Friday."
"Sorry about that, where were we..." She turned and stepped up out of the office chair, Jim helping her into a warm gentle embrace.
"Do you have time for lunch?"
"Sure, what do you have in mind?"
"I  was thinking of that little deli down on 37th, they have a cateering company and thought we could give them a try?"
"I thought we were using Jensen Bells?" Addy was trying to collect her thoughts.
"We hadn't**** finalized the details yet, and I just thought we could try this one to be sure... our receptionist says she has used them a couple of times and has never had any trouble, she also mentioned they are really good with the low sugar recipes.."
"Ok, give me a couple minutes and I will meet you down stairs." Addy had to reply to the 2 messages flashing on her screen before she could continue with wedding plans. Balancing her daily office tasks and the planning on what was becoming more of the social event than a traditional wedding was taking its toll on her.

****Note to self*****: change Addy's "new job" to something in marketing....  but leave the theater stuff in the job description.

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