Sunday, December 27, 2009

word war 1

Addy stood at the edge of the fenced yard wondering what brought her back to this place. Why had she accepted the invitation. She hadn't spoken with Thom since that last phone call over 3 months ago.  This was not the Spring Break she envisioned. The manacured lawn and the white picket fence of his mom's place was the picture of perfection. THe spring flowers bl;oomed in their fresh pastel colors, tulips, daffoldils and (another early spring flower) whispered peaceful thoughts as Addy carefully stepped forward to the farm house porch. Everything about this house and the yard reaked with perfection. How could she even compete with this life. The sweet smells of berry pie crept across the lawn. One step at a time. The porch stairs seems to hold her back, how could she think that she was good enough for this family. Thom proclaimed his love for her, but what did she think? Did she love him , could she adapt to that life?

"Come in my dear." Mrs. (ASDFSAFE) greeted Addy at the front door with her crisp pressed linen apron over her perfect navy blue floral dress. Even her dark chesnut hair was perfectly placed, not a strand out of place. Addy froze in her tracks, not knowing what to do.

" Adrianna, welcome." Mr. (ASFDSE) extended his hand to bring her in. This was almost too much for Addy to take, the overwhelming sense came over her to simply turn and run, this was all just a huge mistake, a nightmare she was going to wake up from. Addy took that first step across the threshold of the door and caught her balance. Catching her breath at the sheer elegance of the home, Addy knew there was no way she would ever fit into their perfect little world. All this was too much.

"Addy, mmmmm" Thom made his way arond his parents' crowding arms wrapping his own arms around her. "I've missed you, so much. It is good to hold you again," he whispered in her auburn hair as he hugged her closer and closer, protecting her from the questions and assumptions of his parents.

"Thank you for saving me back there." Addy softly whispered back, not knowing for sure how to respond to all this pomp and circumstance. " I hope I'm not under dressed for the occasion, I feel totally out of place."  She stiffened up pulling away from his grasp.

"Dinner will be ready in about 30 minutes.."
"Thanks Mom, we are going to sit on the porch and talk until dinner.

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