Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fatal Illusions: Book Review

I am finally getting around to posting my review of this enthralling mystery. Fatal Illusions by Adam Blumer. I haven't read a mystery in a while so the idea of reading and reviewing a mystery was a welcome change.

I loved the characters in the book, they were the neighbors you might have. The descriptions of each character whether one of the Thayers or the antagonist Hayden Owens. Their problems seem believable. The plot moves and draws the reader in. When everything in Gillian Thayer's world seems to be so bleak her faith seems so reachable.

Most of the mysteries I have read fall into the mainstream media category so I was reluctant when it came to a Christian Mystery, but I was happily surprised to be drawn farther and farther into the story.

Since this story deals with some adult concepts I would not recommend it to a younger teen but perhaps reading it in a group setting with older teens would be reasonable. It was a page turner from the very beginning.

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Adam Blumer said...

Thanks for your great review! I appreciate it.