Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Flower of Grass

James E Robinson's book "The Flower of Grass" is more than a Prodigal son's tale. I was sent a copy of the book to read and review and decided after reading the back cover that this was something special.
I was right.
Personal unfinished business, we all have something hanging there in that closet; this story does a wonderful job of dealing with the demons and the unfinished business of returning home. The characters are colorful holding a depth in them that shows the reader a real world. Love and morality along with the sanctity of marriage are prominent themes while answering the age old question "can you ever go back". While this is Christian Fiction, it does have adult themes so I would recommend it to a child, maybe an older teen but only as a group read in a family setting.
The characters in the book come of the page and seem so honest and real. I fell in love with the Preacher., the dialogue between the preacher and John Allen is trapped between the here and now and the chaos of dementia and old age but still has the pure honest emotional ties to the preacher's own marriage.
I also grasped onto "El" and her innocence. The youthfulness and pure out right honesty reminds the reader than young adults and teens understand more than we really give them credit for.
Again, I would recommend this book, I was able to read it in a couple of days (actually late nights... ), it is a great summer read at just over 250 pages. Enjoyable reading..
After sitting on the read for a while, I have to say I will read this again.

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