Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Word War at Write In.

Her auburn hair and hazel eyes accent her young innocences. Where was her prince charming? Would he ever come again? He was the light that shown in her heart, the end of the love story. He was the inspiration she needed to keep going, to write, to sing, to perform. Just simply knowing he was in the audience gave her the courage she needed lately. Would he actually show himself, let her know he was there? She had to let herself believe he sat somewhere in the blackness of the auditorium as she moved through the script, following the blocking across the dark hardwood floors on the Theater (note to self, name the theater).
Each night as Addy sat in her dressing room trying with fevered desperation to find her character, find it within her spirit to bring to life that character just one more time, she prayed he would be there (what is his name???) waiting for her at the backstage door. His sandy blond hair and crystal blue eyes inspired her to move forward through the longing, through the darkness and sadness.  He was her knight in shining armor as cliche' as it sounded.

"5 minutes to curtain, places backstage..." the dreaded call came from the stairwell. The harsh voice of the stage manager.  Addy began to climb the stairs from the dressing rooms. the walls seeming to call to her in her longing. 'stay here with us', 'don't move on', 'you need us'.  The security this theater possessed, a safety and comfort..

Adrianna picked up the morning headlines on her phone... stopping in a brief moment of disbelief.
"This isn't happening...." she hurriedly turned her laptop on frantically typing, the familiar network page came on.
' Did anyone else see the headline in the education section this morning?' her fingers moved as fast as they could in an almost surreal fashion. ' are they really tearing it down?'

In real time fashion responses began popping up...
"yes" , "sad but true" " we can't stop them, we tried"

' why am I just now hearing about this, how did I miss it?'  her mind began rushing through the memories, she could hear the voices, the music, the sounds of the  seats in their own quirky creaking as someone passed them.

"The building has been sold and the new owners are building some a new high tech firm."

a rush of cold sadness fell over Adrianna. For 6 years she existed on that stage, in that dressing room, seated in the auditorium just simply exisisting.

"Adrianna, a new script has come in for you. Looks like a good role for you...The director requested you read for it... If you want the role it is yours." 

"What?" Jerrod's voice jerked her back to reality. She was in her office, staring blankly off journeying back to through the curtain that had been hers for so long.

"New script..." Jerrod's face shown his discontent with her day dreaming.. "are you here or should I schedule an appointment?"

"I'm sorry Jerrod, just got some news and I'm not sure how to take it..." that would be the understatement of the year. This news as materialistic as it sounded shattered her balance. That building wasn't just a building it was her security. why had she left the security and stability it offered?.

The computer screen flashed new messages, photos of her beloved building, her sanctuary  ripped apart.  A gaping hole in the stone wall, opening the safety of that place , memories flooded out from that one hole. The sadness and sudden rush of anger invaded Adrianna's mind. How, why?

She pushed it out of her mind, picking up the script Jerrod brought her.  A revival. "West Side Story", seriously? could she possibly reprise the role. Who would her co-star be? Especially now.

Her cell phone buzzed and flashed messages, missed calls ; Adrianna just starred out the window overlooking the busy street below.  Melodies flooded her head, choreography, tingled her joints, a feeling of excitement surged through her..
"I'll take it" her voice was strong and determined.
"Seriously? You're going to take the  role?" Jerrod looked surprised.

"Yes, why not? It is one of my favorite roles and I think it will be a good career move." 
She picked up the script and put it in her bag... "I'm going to get a bite to eat..." moving across the studio, "by the way who is the director?"

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