Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Class Writing 11/11/09.. Co-Op

Addy sat patiently against the concrete wall waiting for her pointe class to start... Her feet already protesting against the idea of satin pink pointe shoes. She broke the shoes in several weeks before but was still not content with the fit. She sat wondering if this was right for her. After a long transition the door to the studio finally opening releasing 12 beginning pointe ballerinas to chatter through the hall themselves. Addy along with the other 6 girls in her class rushed into the studio to get their favorite ball spots. The mirrors shone brilliantly reflecting every detail of the room, the floors spotted with rosin reflecting the movements of the previous class. Miss Tanya and tall, slender woman turned to the class to begin.
" Lets begin with our plie', same set in first, second, forth, and fifth, finishing in a releve' , turn and reverse." turning to the stereo on the chair Miss Tayna's grace and elegance moved with her. Her ebony black hair was perfectly tied up in a bun.
The music (find a good piece to include here) led the class through the warm up from their plies to tundus, to a bar stretch and finally a simple portabrae (check the spelling).
"Shall we begin center floor..." Miss Tanya's voice was commanding but soft.

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