Thursday, November 12, 2009

Step, Ball Change, Step, Step, Step

*****word war with Salem NaNoWriMo online.*****
Tap, tap, tap, tap, pause, tap, tap , tap.... The clicking rythmic sounds on taps across the polished hardwood floor brought a strange sense of calm to Addy. There was something relazing in her tap class. The energy release was an amazing let go for her after a long day of classes and stress from theater reheasals seemed to just leave pnce she began scuffing her aggression on to the hardowood floor. The music was such a welcome change from the usual classical pieces in Tanya's Ballet studio. It wouldn't take long and Addy could simply loose herself to her taps. New combinations , intricate time steps and the speed of her turns freed her to just be. Be a dancer, be an actress, be herself.

After 8 years of classical ballet training, she found her second or was it third home now... the Tap studio brought a strange solace to her. Of course the instructor being handsome and cut as well as an amazing artist didn't hurt the situation. Danny let them free themselves through their taps. Strangely enough the room seem to go on forever, the walls didn't connect, turns could keep turning.

"Here we go, lets give it full energy this time. 5...6...7...8" The group combination was heading them to competition in a week. This rag tag group of young adults mostly college students who needed an outlet. The music's (pick a piece....) rythms meant the rountine had to be perfect, no room for mistakes. "Arms, faster pick ups, come on sharper.." his voice carried a simply firm message. 'get it right already.'

"Take a minute to catch you breath, as that was obviously not our best work ladies." the girls could all hear it in in voice, Danny wasn't happy with that AT ALL!
" We have less than 2 weeks until competition... If you guys don't get it together we WILL fall flat on our faces."
"Let's take it from the top." He turned and pointed the remote toward the stereo. "5...6...7...8"
Addy knew hse would have to pull her thoughts together or her feet would not be with.

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