Tuesday, November 10, 2009

word war #2

*******This is kind of random, but will work it in somehow...****

Adrianna stood starring at the curtain, handle this, I don't know which direction this going.

"who did you say the director was?"
Jerrod pulled out a message pad from his desk "Jim Stevenson... you know him?"

She froze. 'it couldn't be, what was he trying to prove'
" ahhhhh, yes. I do..."
"I'll check in later" she rushed passed in wondering if this was really happening.
The 43rd street theater company was only 10 blocks away, she frantically rushed north up Park Blvd to 43rd street.

out of breath and soaking wet Adrianna pulled open the glass door to the theater office.

" Can I help you" a older elegantly dressed receptionist greeted her.
"Yes, I'd like to speak with Mr. Stevenson please."
"May I tell him your name?"
"Just say Addy is here to see him." Adrianna wasn't exactly sure what she was going to do, just that she had to see him and find out why...

"Third door down the hall on the left."
"Thank you." Adrianna nodded as she cautiously proceeded toward the hall. The rusted and burgundy carpet added a strange warmth to the foyer.
Adrianna paused only briefly as she approached the third door. She gently but purposely knocked on the down.

"It's open" called a distant voice, " come on it, I'll be right with you..."
That was definitely Jim's voice, but did he realize it who was knocking on the door?
"Thank you for the offer, but I'm not sure if I should reprise this roll at this point in my career.." Adrianna decided to take the cold road rather than open herself up to potential heartache.
"I'm sorry to hear that, I was looking forward to working with you on stage." Jim turned from the built in book case as he laid his book down. Walking across the office to great her

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