Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Shadow of its former Glory

The moon light cast a rich eerie glow through the broken windows on the second floor, the gray clouds seemed to move freely through the windows and classrooms of the conservatory. Adrianna starred vacantly toward the building. Ghostly images running through her mind as the memories flooded back. 6 years of her career had been spent in these halls, as a simple matter of fact her theatrical career actually began in these halls. She began as a Photographic art student with an assignment to shoot the cast and crew of a production in the theater. Lighting and lighting tricks a specialty in her work, actually her signature style, creating mood lighting and image games she liked to think of it. Addy didn't know the whole story, but when she arrived on set to do the shoot, the director approached her about theatrical lighting seemed that the lighting person has jumped shipped with only 3 days until the opening. She had friends in the production and figured it couldn't hurt. Following a very crash course in running a electronic light board Adrianna began her theatrical career. Strange to look back and think it all started by chance. Although she had been in music and dance prior, but theater was another story.
The basement corner window seemed to call to her, the old darkroom. Even after she moved to a theater program Addy still took photography courses and used the darkroom, a safe artist haven. If those walls could talk the stories they could tell, the things that darkroom had seen would surprise people. The crumbling walls of the building seemed to cry out in pain, a sad sight to watch. Addy wasn't even sure what brought her here.
'I should go,' she thought to herself turning to walk back to her car (what kind of car?), a dark feeling grabbed at her holding her in her tracks.

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