Saturday, November 28, 2009

A Surprise Engagement

The sun rose as it did every morning yet this morning the light seemed different, softer, warmer. Addy stretched her arms out from under the down comforter, 'wait a minute she didn't have a down comformter on her bed?' cautiously she pulled her arms back in and turned her head slowly to the side. 'oh good grief , what have I done?' she thought as she caught a profile of him next to her. "This is bad, very very bad."
 He smiled and stretched his arms wrapping around her... "mmm, good morning beautful" how cliche' can you be, good grief.
"morning," she wanted to run, and run fast. Then it hit her, the memory of yesterday came crashing back. The proposal, the dinner party, all of it... 'oh boy' she thought to herself, this is a lot to take in.. The satin edge of her nightgown wrapped around her toes as she curled them trying to figure out her next move.

"About last night, it is all still a fog" she wasn't sure she had all the details straight. The obvious detail sat glittering in the sun on her finger, the platnium and diamond engagement ring was more than beautiful, it was everything a girl could dream of.

"Don't worry about it, the details aren't important, we were surrounded by friends and everything was perfect. You didn't embarass anyone and you didn't do anything to be ashamed of. " He was confident and reassuring in his words. That didn't help as much as she would have liked.

Lifting the comforter out of the way, Adrianna stepped off the edge of the bed glancing around the room to get her bearings. 

"You don't have to rush into the office today, I already rescheduled our day, the meetings we had with the art staff has been rescheduled for 3:30.

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