Saturday, June 2, 2012

a piece of chapter 1 I believe it is...

Breianna walked across the dimly lit room. This room was her's for such a long time but now was her parent's guest room and computer room, tonight it served as her escape from reality. Tonight , she pretended the recent past was a distant memory and teh outside world was just that, outside. When she moved out of her parent's house almost 7 months ago everything seemed to fall into place, now it seemed to be falling apart; money was a focus that darkened her mood, she worked 2 jobs, attended classes at the community college 3 days a week and barely made rent. Tonight especially she pondered why she left. She wasn't living on campus  but rooming with a friend from her parent's neighborhood, neither one of them could afford the place alone so it seemed at the time to be a good idea, now though as she struggled to put it all together she began to regret that decision. The landlord had asked the girls if he could do some maintenance on the house (including fixing some serious plumbing issues in the only complete bathroom), so Brei and her roommate returned to their parents' homes for the weekend. As Brei stood staring at the guest bed, her bed she longed to just sleep, but that really wasn't an option tonight her classes had to be her focus, with 2 papers due by the end of the week and a presentation the following Monday sleep would allude her for at least the next day maybe two.
Thankfully, one paper was actually a creative writing project she dearly loved. Her writing became a safe haven where she could escape the mundane details of her life and the stresses that were the ups and downs of her romantic life. Her writing, an outlet for her emotional energy when no one really seemed to understand what she was going through.. She kept journals and jotted down every little bit of chaos she felt, good or bad.  These journals were the expression of anger , of joy, of solace, of resentment toward so many things and people, especially toward Dan and their mess of a relationship.. 
For the last 3 years Breianna and Daniel had been a young couple struggling to keep a dying relationship alive. Childhood friends for what seemed life forever to Brei, now a couple separated with little left to fight for. Recovering from her now broken heart as well as a desolate spirit would take more than time for Breianna. The last two weeks she ached to feel his arms wrapped around her, she wished to hear his words reminding her that they were together, for now though she couldn't even look him in the eyes, she couldn't say his name without first crying then yelling and scream even if it was only in her head.

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