Friday, June 1, 2012

Author Blog Challenge: How I started writing

Honestly I'm not sure when I started writing. I remember junior high my English teacher thought my poetry was too dark and I was probably suicidal or something, I still laugh about that one.  I remember writing in journals and writing letters to people, but it seems like it has always been a part of who I am. I spent a lot of time in junior high and high school writing, honestly if I had put half as much energy into studying as I put into writing in journals and writing stories I probably would have done a heck of a lot better than I did..  I did the crazy thing in college and took every comp class and creative writing class I could get my hands on, I even took Literature classes so I could read more and try to improve my writing by reading what professors deemed great writers. I continued after college to write and still write. I remember in college a friend and I would have these late night writing sessions where we would spend literately hours working on stories and potential novels. Of course, then I had kids and the writing pretty much got put on hold, until the other night when my husband and I were out on a date and he mentioned that one thing he missed from our early years dating was reading my writing (he use to read my pieces and papers for content), so I was basically given a free pass to write again, so I am sitting here listening to Pandora racking my brain to finish up this post.


Sahm King said...

The eternal plight of the fledgling artist going through school: homework, or artwork... Awesome work!

Conroy Lavis said...

very nice post! keep it up.

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Lisa Cherry said...

How lovely of your husband to bring that side of you to the fore again....I think that's very loving. I like that.

I'm looking forward to being on this journey with you

Lisa x

Mfawdry said...

A great return to writing, Carriann.
Best wishes

Jo Michaels said...

I know the feeling of having someone who supports you. It's unlike any other :) WRITE ON!