Saturday, June 2, 2012

Classes taken, Classes taught

What kinds of classes, programs, or workshops have you taken to hone your skill as a writer? What sorts of exercises did/do you use to improve your craft? Have you ever taught a writing class or workshop?

I wasn't going to write off the prompts when I started this challenge but this one and the first one seemed like good places to start and get back into the groove of writing.
Classes taken, well I took every Creative Writing Class including Script Writing in college that I could, I also took the basic writing comp series plus retook Writing 122 from a favorite Professor just to get a little extra push (she actually pushed me in the second class as I asked her to take it up a notch for me, she expected more than a WR122 level from me which helped a lot). I also attended local workshops in various genres including Romance, Mystery , True Crime, and Memoir writing, although it has been ages since I was able to take a in person class.

Currently I am participating in as many challenges through blogging as I can to exercise my art and connect with people who will at least read and maybe respond to my ramblings. I have done NaNoWriMo 3 years now and am also working toward Camp NaNo this summer in the hopes of getting my focus back.

I have taught a class. I taught a Creative Writing class, actually 2 classes to our local homeschool co-op. The first class was three years ago to a group of high school kids where I am happy to report 3 of the students made huge strides in their craft. This past year I taught a Creative Writing class to my oldest son's co-op class of 3rd graders and let me tell you that was a serious push to my comfort level. 

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