Tuesday, April 3, 2012

C is for Courage

Oh to have the strength and courage to express myself to those around me, without fear.
I long for the day that I can stand strong and know that what I want to say will be heard by the people that need to hear it.  I want to express my inner most thoughts without worrying who may be offended by my thoughts.
why after all these years to I worry about that so much. I am a writer and I know that I have a voice. While it may be a timid voice some days, other days it has the power of a thousand armies.
I want the courage I use to posses, the courage to stand strong in my conviction, the courage to not fear rejection, the courage to know in my heart of hearts that I am right.
Courage is  a funny thing you know. It comes to you when you least expect it. Some days it comes to me as I write, like tonight as I sit here in the dark typing I feel the courage I need to write even this simple post. One day I will be able to write so much more.


Patricia said...

Lovely C post. I wish I had more courage sometimes to express myself. Online I can do it pretty easily, but in person I get really anxious and nervous. Even for something little, I fret over it before finally getting the courage to say something.

Sky Luke Corbelli said...

Courage can be a tricky thing
It's found in all too few
For only when there's real fear
Can bravery shine true
We all see boldness left and right
Here on the Internet
We name it courage, give it praise
We envy it, and yet
It's all the more inspiring when
Through trials one breaks free
That is because, through all the noise
It's courage that we see

unvlmom said...

Courage is a funny thing that way... It is much easier online than in person you are right. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.