Monday, April 2, 2012

B is for boys

Two little men, rather small, but eager to please nanny as she shuttled them toward their bedroom. Mother and Father would  be home within the hour and expected their little boys to be in bed and near sleeping.
Nanny wasn't sure they would make it, but she was giving it her best. Most evenings Mother and Father were off at some charity event while Nanny watched the boys. Mother and Father would return in time to check in on the boys tucked in their beds. The next morning it was again Nanny who would get the up and ready for the day.
Oscar being 7 was already in school full time so Nanny got him up first , helping him get his school uniform on and breakfast eaten before waking  Jonathan up. Jonathan was only 4 and preschool was only 3 days and in the afternoon so there wasn't the strong push to get him ready.  Nanny would get him up and dressed  as Oscar was eating breakfast. Following Oscar's breakfast Nanny and Jonathan would walk Oscar the 9 blocks to the big brick building where he would spend the rest of the day.
Nanny walked Jonathan back to the house and set up his breakfast. Some morning Mother would join then for the late breakfast and let Jonathan tell her about his adventures.  Nanny would pick up their bedroom and then play or read Jonathan a story to fill the time before lunch and  preschool.
Nanny loved her boys and her boys loved her.

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