Monday, May 16, 2011

weekly writer's prompt 5/15

This week’s prompts were:
#1 I always struggle with…..
#2 Describe the event that made you loose and/or give up a friendship.
#3- Now, I see my mother as ……..    
#4- List five things you plan to accomplish this summer.

I can set goals for the summer and hopefully this year they will happen.
One thing I really need to get done is my office/ guest room.  I office is a chaotic mess and will honestly out of control. I need to purge out some of the crafts and supplies. I also need to move the antique double bed in and decorate (which includes finishing the painting.) I want the space to be pretty and functional. There is a closet that is ackward at best and needs some serious help in order to make it useful. Just outside the room are 2 closets (part of the original house built in 1946) 1 has become a mini sewing room ( not its most useful design use) and the other is a linen closet turned Homeschool supply/ book closet.   
Another  goal is to get our A/V closet under control. It will take a little work from each of us to purge out some of the movies and then rearrange the A/V equipment.
A minor project but doable, finish the wall paper border in the kitchen… I did one side of the kitchen about 2 years ago and really like it, now I can finish the rest of the room… The border is actually high up the wall, setting about 1 ½ inches below the ceiling..
The larger hard project is moving the washer/ dryer out of the classroom/laundry room and into the mud room. We will have to get creative and pipe the water into the mudroom and cut a small vent for the dryer. 
The final goal for the summer is our garden. I need to get the garden planned and planted. We usually plant tomatos, cucuumbers, beans, salad greens, beets, etc… Not sure since our Spring has been so wet I’m unsure of what will work this year..


samsstuff said...

I need to get a garden started, too. Our growing season seems to be so short that it seems like it might already be too late!

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Nicole said...

I wasn't ready for the summer as it's creeping up this year, so I don't have five plans, or any plans for that matter, lol.

I planned to get a car and make a movie but now I want to find a new apartment as well....we shall see how this all pans out by Fall, lol.

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