Friday, May 6, 2011

X is for eXtreme

I know it is a little late but I am determined to get the rest of the alphabet posted from April's A to Z Blogging challenge.

X is for eXtreme.

Extreme lighting and extreme measures to set up the lights. (this bit is based on an actual adventure is setting lights)

Addy saw the lights on the stage and realized there were very dark spots in several very critical spots.  

"hey Jason, can you give me a hand? I need to adjust some lights and I'm afraid this is going to be a bit of an adventure." 

"Sure, Addy.... which lights, I'll grab the ladder."

Addy giggled slightly in a coy fashion knowing the ladder would not helpd them. "Jason, the ladder won't help. We have to adjust the 96s upstairs."

"The what? where?" 

"Upstairs...' she pointed to the bank of lights set into the ceiling of the auditorium.

"We have to go upstairs, through the office to the roof, there is an access over there" pointing to the outside edge of the auditorium. 

"i guess so... Lets go."

The two headed up the stairs to the Department Office..  "Hey Addy, I don't remember there being any stairs or doors out of the office."  

"No stairs, the ladder is in the cupboard next to the textbooks and the key is right here."  As the pair entered the office a couple of determined English teachers where searching through a pile of books couting copies of 'A Tale of Two Cities' for their Sophmore English classes. "Hi Mrs. Johnson and Mrs. Erikson." Addy tried to sound as casual as possible knowing most teachers weren't excited about students in the office.

The two worked their way up the ladder to the roof access, onto the roof and across the building to the edge of the auditorium.

"This is flat crazy, now what do we do?"  Jason querried with a very puzzled and nervous expression.

" We go inside and adjust the lights. I have the settings in my mind I just need to move 2 of them to fill the stupid bunch of shadows and black hole on the stage."

Openning the door  Jason gestured. "Ladies first"

"Thank you" Addy curtsied playing around with her friend.

Once inside the two realized this was a little more extreme then they thought.

Lighting can be one of the craziest extreme jobs in the theater Addy reminded herself.


Bluebell Books said...

Glad to see you trying to catch up.

you shall be able to finish y and x by end of May.

it does take persistence to complete the a-z challenge.

love your writing.

check out short story slam and make a submission today.

Bluebell Books said...

creative story.


Nicole said...

Goof for you for working through to finish the challenge.

Some say...better late than never, so at least you are blogging consistently.


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