Saturday, May 21, 2011

weekly Writer's prompt 5/22

The prompts are listed below as well as my responces. I couldn’t decide which one so I did more than one.

#1 Make up your own bedtime story and share it. 
#2 What TV show/sitcom depicts the life of your own family and  why?.

            We all have decided that the new comedy on ABC  “Raising Hope” depicts our life or at least pretty close to it… We watch the show together and can’t help but laugh and then we end up looking at each other and realize something similar has happened in our lives…

#3 If I could dress up like anyone, it would be….    

          I can’t think of anyone person but love the idea of 1860’s work day or full formal attire is a desire of mine… I love the layers and the modest elegance of the era.  I am also a big fan of the 1950’s fashion…  There is a similarity in the 2 eras.  The full skirts and fitted but non-revealing tops make an elegant statement. The hats add a beautiful touch.   My oldest son and I are actually working toward involvement in Civil War reenactment… I have the fabric for my day dress already as well as a pattern I just need to get it started… It is really amazing how many layers go into even a simple day dress; drawers, chemise, corset, corset cover, hoop and petticoat to cover the hoop, finally the skirt and top. If the sleeves are proper you have a set of sleeves and possibly an apron and the final touch a hat, of you can’t forget stockings and boots. I also have a pair of gloves (authentic antique from the period) that I inherited that will finish of the ensemble. I am making the lace trim for the dress as well, it isn’t a normal thing but crocheting and knitting gives me something to do while we drive somewhere or I am listening to the boys read for their school work.

#4 My ultimate guilty pleasure….. 

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Johanna said...

Thank you Cariann for participating. I hope you take photos of your dress when is done, I would love to see the ending result becuase I do love the fashion of those times.