Friday, April 12, 2013

Character Interviews I use #atozchallenge

A to Z Challenge [2013]
Since I am working on a list of characters, I thought I would take the time to share a couple lists of questions to answer about characters you a writing.

Basic Character Interview: (this is my own personal collection of things)
1. Name
2. Age/ Birthday
3. Physical traits (list 5)
4. Favorites (list 5)
5. Marital Status/ views on marriage
6. Children (have/ want)
7. Siblings
8. Religion / views on religion
9. Political views (party affiliation or list 5 or 6 general views)
10. Philosophy (personal and professional)
11. Career or career path
12. Hobbies (list 3)
13. Interests (list  5)
14. Childhood dreams
15. Fantasy
16. House (where lives, what kind of setting : house, condo, dorm, apartment, etc...)
17. Car
18. Darkest secret
19. Greatest Accomplishment
20. Fears (list 3)
21. Desires (list no more than 5)
22. Regrets (list 3)
23. How the character sees his/ her self.

I find this list helps get to know the person I am writing about (leaves enough room to grow.) I also don't answer every question right off the bat, sometimes I get to know the character while I write and will jot down  answers as I go.

Worksheet on Attraction (complete one set for heroine and one for hero)
***This is something I was given in college, I did not write it, but don't know who the original author is to give credit to****

1 Why is the hero attractor to the heroine? What does he respond to in her beyond the physical? What aspects of her character and personality draw him in?

2. How will the heroine fulfil his emotional and internal needs? Heroes often think they don't have any emotional needs - this is a part of growth.

3. Emotionally speaking what does he want that he has never gotten from a woman and how will the heroine give that to him? Again he may not even know he has such a need

4. What does he find in her that he lacks in himself? How do her strengths make him stronger?

5. How is he different with the heroine that he is or ever has been with any other woman, emotionally speaking again?

6. How is she his best friend and understands him in a way that no other person does? There things come up over the course of the book.

7. What secret or secrets do the two of them share?

8. What makes this hero different from any other heo. List the two or three traits that I want to reveal in his speech and actions? Good or bad.

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Jessica said...

This is a great post! It's very important to have a good grasp on the characters you're creating so they seem more relatable, this for me is one of the hardest parts of writing.
Have fun with a-z.