Friday, April 12, 2013

K is for Katherine #atozchallenge

Katherine seemed rushed no matter how hard she tried to get things done, her days were filled with no less than 3 full classes everyday, 4 hours working in the campus bookstore , and working to get all her homework done just to start the next day with only 3-4 hours of sleep each night. Life for this college student was a push, but yet she felt something was missing.  She really did not have time to find the missing something today though, she was late for a lecture in Psychology on the other side of campus. Thankfully her bag wasn't as heavy today and she could cut across the commons and dash behind the Student Union building and up the backside of the Social Sciences building ducking in the back way.  As she cut across the commons she felt like someone was watching her, but brushed it off as nothing in her rush to get where she needed to be.
Falling into her seat among the rest of the Psychology class she was relieved to see she made it with time to spare. Pulling out her notebook, she began jotting down some questions that she wanted to ask the speaker following the reading of his latest book related to birth order in young adults.

Katherine pulled her blonde hair into a quick ponytail and straightened her campus Bookstore staff shirt as she freshened up her makeup, ready to hit the floor for her afternoon shift. Thursdays in the bookstore were pretty mellow, usually the only traffic they saw would be from the students that actually did their projects over the weekends instead of waiting until the last minute. As she reached her assigned register, she caught a glimpse of a tall, slender guy with a black cowboy hat on. Most people didn't surprise her, but something about his caught her by surprise, where had she seen him before?

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