Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Author Blog Challenge Prompt #6

When did the idea for my first book come to me... that is actually pretty easy, although the book isn't finished my first novella idea stemmed from a One Act play I wrote my senior year of High School as part of my senior project for Theater.  Shortly after the production was complete I felt the script was incomplete somehow and realized it needed to tell a deeper story so I started playing with the story in college. I actually wrote the first two chapters as part of a Creative Writing : Advanced Fiction writing class my third term at the local community college.  I still have the peer review/ professor review copies of that project as well as several others I wrote for the class. While some of the criticism was harsh, it was honest and gave me some really sold things to work on. I have a working copy of that project in my purple accordion file that perhaps I will work on sooner rather than later. I think that was my first novel , however I have several journal and writer's notebooks full of story starts and ideas that go back as far as 8th grade, but my first real seriously focused project was Single Link from High School. 

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