Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A Poem from my archive

Tonight my love and I have found ourselves

Fate hath smiled once again on the hearts of the young.

With sweet tenderness, he will lead my heart on a journey

Beyond time and understanding to a place far beyond the reaches of humanity.

Tonight and every night I shall fall asleep and journey

To our place among the angels.

The reflections of bliss shine as out light,

Guiding our footsteps toward the one spot

Somewhere between heaven and earth where angel's tear of joy flow

Like a stream past our feet.

Together we are guided on a journey of the heart.

To venture forth and seek true love and happiness.

Here there is not time, no reality, nothing to forsake our lover

The passion our souls have come to share.

With every tender touch, every solemn breath,

Every lasting moment the unconquered passion will dwell.

Tonight and forever, I have seen our place.

Above the clouds and below the heavens,

That one last place untouched by human hands,

Pure and unscathed.

Nothing shall keep my heart away,

My soul is yours and I give myself

Freely and openly for your guidance

Keep every moment pure and sweet.

Never allow our place to be touched by the terror of human hands.

In mind and in spirit I will join you there.

To love and be loved.

In purity and honor of unforsaken love.

****This was written in 1997 and is one of my favorites****
Doesn't have anything to do with the novel per say, but I'm moving my MySpace Blogs so thought this is where it should be.

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