Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A Director a home.

Addie walked calmly into the theatre office with only the slightest sign of nerves. This was her chance to shine. Theatre was a new undertaking for her, almost by accident. Not sure what to expect she waited.
After what seemed like hours, Sheila's office door opened and Addie realized she was home. Sheila appeared grouf on the outside but something told Addie it was safe her and she was taking on a wonderful adventure.
"You think you are up to this? I ask alot of my assistant directors and I don't like excuses later on. I'm telling you now, this isn't for softies." Sheila's voice rose over the sounds of students changing classes.
"I'm up to it, I want a challenge, something new." Addie stiffened. 'don't slouch, be strong for crying out loud'. This was it. Everything was falling into place.
"Here is the script, read it, know it. I want you to know every line backwards and forwards, feel the emotions of the characters, and understand the tone of the show. Your first job will be to pick out the backgrounds, I've never really liked doing that so here are the sketches from the Art Department. Let me know before class in the morning so they can get started. The cast auditions are Thursday so you'd better get reading. Oh and use this reading as your write up for class. Being Assistant Director does have some benefits."
Addie sighed a little relief, "Thank you"
"Don't thank me yet child.."
Sheila returned to her office leaving Addie in the office on her own.
There was the bell, Addie turned and rushed for her next class already late but not caring. She was home.

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