Saturday, March 8, 2008

Introduction to this Journey

This page is basically for a novel in the works. I needed a place to write that I could access from various places...
So the basis for the novel.... A look at live on either side of the stage curtain. For those that stop by here and know me, you know that I have been on all sides of the stage curtain... On stage as an actor/ dancer/ singer; backstage as a writer, techie, director, producer; and in the audience as a lover of the arts and an observer of life.
I am using places I've been , things I experienced, and the life I've lived. I hope those involved will comment along the way. Keep in mind this is mostly autobiographical , but will still be a novel ... that in mind, I will change what I need to in order to keep little secrets and personal lives safe...
I hope you enjoy the journey with me... (oh and if you have photos that might help along this joureny, feel free to contact me and share... I will give create for any photo I use.)

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