Saturday, March 8, 2008

Casting Call

The cast of characters is so imese, I expect the inital Casting Call will take a while. If you think you might know a character well enough, feel free to introduce yourself. Keep in mind names are not necessarily real and this is a fictional work although based on my own experiences.

Our Herorine: She is a student, although throughout the story she will be shown as various ages. She is fair skinned, long medium brown hair and deep green eyes... Approximately 5' 6" and medium build... OK so that is lame generic crap... so who is she? She is a little of everyone and a lot of me. Adrianna is the middle of 4 children and is a dreamer. We will get to know her through her stories and see the world through her eyes.

The Hero: That character is actually many characters. There have been many Heroes in my life as well as Adrianna's. Our Heroes must be strong willed and experienced in their area. Actors, Directors, Teachers, and the like will be great influences in the story as well as bring underlying sub plots into play.

Supporting Characters:

Friends: Both guys and girls although her closest friends always seem to be guys (that will be a sub plot along the way I'm sure)

Family: Three siblings; a younger sister, an older sister and an older brother. When we meet our Heroine her parents are living as well as a Grandmother who's eccentricities will weave a layer into the life of Adrianna and her understanding on various aspects of the curtains. Various other family members may be introduced when the story calls them in.

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