Thursday, April 11, 2013

J is for Justin #atozchallenge

His black hair shone as ebony when  he tipped his black stetson hat passing the girls in the hall. Most of the guys on the 4th floor thought Justin was a little weird, but the girls all seemed to blush when he gestured and smiled at them. He might be something of an anomaly on campus, but he grew up with a strong belief that a lady was something to be treated with respect. While his cowboy hat seemed out of place in Avery Hall he had earned his spot on campus working hard , maintaining his grades and showing compassion and chivalry to those around him. As a business major he spent a lot of time studying trends in marketing, finance, and crunching numbers; one thing wasn't going to change his compassion.
He caught a quick glance of her across the common area and wondered who she was....

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Francene Stanley said...

My half-brother's name is Justin. It's highly unusual. I like the sound of chivalrous Justin.


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