Monday, October 29, 2012

Red Satin and white wine #nanowrimo

Smooth and shiny with a hint of luxury, she laid quietly across the red satin sheets feeling each and every movement in a new energy. What was it about the red satin that brought this side of calm to her. As she revealed a new side of herself., he didn't say a word. The scent of sweet white wine filled the room as if a candle smoldered in the corner of the room.  She needed to experience something new and if those red satin sheets brought his wife to that new place he would give them to her.  He lit the candle on the dresser illuminating the room in a warm glow.
Josiah was normally a quiet man , working hard on the farm and living a simple life; tonight he allowed himself to let go and savor the beauty that was his wife in this new light. He loved her in a way that he could not explain, he would do anything to make her happy, anything to fill the void that had become an ugly presence in their quiet lives.
Emily a soft spoken woman never asked for much. Tonight she left her auburn hair down and accepted the gift her husband brought into their quiet farm house. Her tears tonight flowed with release not anger or sadness, tonight it was about being the center of his world rather than just that person who cooked and took care of the children's every need. Tonight she was allowed to let go of the inhibition that seemed to control her every move.

*** I'm not sure where this goes, but I was inspired and this will become part of the project under the working title "educating Mother'****

although NaNoWriMo doesn't offically begin until Thursday this is part of my NaNo2012 project

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