Saturday, April 2, 2011

Mom's Tree House Writing Club #2

This week's prompts are up and I'm already to go...

1. Describe something you saw as a child, you wish you have never seen.
2. Write a letter to your son/daughter, telling them how much they mean to you.
3. What is your biggest regret?
4. Have you read a good book lately? Tell us about it.

So I'm going to take the easy route this week and go with #4...

I have been reading miscellaneous books for reviews (mostly homeschooling books) and was blessed to receive a copy of "Petra" by TL Highley..set in Petra during the early church the characters encounter true evil and learn to learn on the love of God and Christ to make it through their journey. The book is a wonderful journey to Christ and a powerful look at evil and how it can impact even our daily lives.  The author has a wonderful site that sets up the idea of journeying through ancient Rome and early Christianity without the needed Passport. Her blog also gives readers in site into the story both the fiction and non-fiction aspects of Petra as well as links to research Petra yourself.  I am still working on my book review ( I tend to read and then re-read a book before I write a full scale review)

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Johanna said...

Thanks for posting, did not know you partcipated but happy you did. : ) Have to go and pick that book up now. Thanks