Friday, December 19, 2008

One Minute writer: Influences


Addie sat quietly at her desk, daydreaming if you will , wondering how she had gotten here. So many people had been a part of this journey, wonderful people and not so wonderful people, some a little crazier than others, some a little too controlling , and some gentle caring people that knew when to push and when to back off. As her mind wandered farther and farther away, images of Thom kept coming back. He knew how to guide her creative process, ' Backstage in a confusion of darkness' her mind wandered through the images. 'I can feel your arms wrapped around me, comforting me, guiding me'. Thom was so near , boosting her confidence, constantly pushing her that little more, not taking excuses, and reminding her of her passion for the art.

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Isaac said...

This is great, it reminds you to look back upon your own life and see who got you here.