Saturday, April 6, 2013

F is for Facebook #atozchallenge

This isn't a character or setting per say, although I do share characters and ideas here.
My creative writing blog has a Facebook Page and I would so appreciate anyone that feels like it , stopping by and liking the page, you can even leave a comment if you feel like it.

On another Facebook note... If you are writing in a modern setting do you use social media like Facebook or Twitter ? How do you feel about reading sections that incorporate those into the story? I have a story I am working on that the original setting and scenes used AOL instant messenger, but the setting has now moved forward enough that I am trying to figure out how to incorporate those conversations.


Rebecka Vigus said...

Interesting. I hadn't thought about it. I don't use Facebook for my writing. That is strictly for promoting my books or socializing on my page. Check out RebeckaVigusAuthor on FB for my author stuff.

Kirsten Hart said...

I'm not sure about having social media in fiction as it moves at such a fast rate that it could seem quite dated within a couple of years. If it plays a role in the story, then I guess I would still use it.

Interesting post. :-)

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Angeline Trevena said...

I haven't put social networking into a story yet. I think I'd struggle to find a way to slip it in and make it work well; like telephone conversations. I avoid including them too!

D G said...

Facebook isn't one of my faves, but it does its job.

Are you planning on continuing with the challenge?


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unvlmom said...

I fell behind this week but am posting I tonight and J is scheduled. I will post G and H Sunday ... It has been a crazy couple of weeks. Thankfully I have lots of notes ready for the rest of the letters.

unvlmom said...

I hope to actually finish a project so I can promote it on my author page, for now I link to my blog posts and other writing related things.

unvlmom said...

That is my current issue, the story I was working on uses AOL instant messenger which is outdated, trying to fix that issue but keep the online aspect of their early relationship