Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A if for Andora #atozchallenge

Andora stood by the window, gazing at the dark looming clouds quietly praying the storm would stay at bay just a few more hours. The creaky old latch on the window squealed as she turned it to open the window, the gentle breeze swept through her long auburn hair bringing with it the scents of an impending storm.
Andora loved the sea, it called to her stirring emotions long burried.

Who is Andora? She hasn't revealed all of herself to me yet, I only catch a glimpse of her standing by the old window watching a spring storm move in from the sea. She is on Italian heritage, her name comes from a region on the coast of northern Italy. Her mother was Italian, her father Irish. I only hope I learn more about her and can tell her story.

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